Russian Escorts in Aerocity

Russian Escorts in Aerocity

So this client, let’s call him Amit,  He visits Delhi on regular basis and he was one of my regular clients ,he always comes at  New Delhi Airport  and he get services like Meet and Greet Services offer five ways through our Russian Escorts In Aerocity VIP Packages to pick up passengers at Indira Gandhi International Airport so he is also given same services so he invited me sometimes to go with him on business trips or to spend vacations with him. In an evening, while I was on an tour with Russian Escorts in Aerocity he invited me to join him at a restaurant, more exactly in  This Bar cum Restaurant situated in Aerocity mall, I was so afraid, but my client told me everything is going to be all right. This time, like in other times, I accepted the challenge, so I dressed in my best dress and I looked perfect. I was sure he prepares me a surprise, like always, because you have to know that this client likes to have sex with me in strange situations and places. wants to have sex with  me again and again till morning. We had sex again after few minutes of break, then smoked a cigarette and

drank a glass of wine, and sex again. I think the second round was around 1 hour. When we finished we took our dinner and went to my hotel room, where we continued to have sex all night long, till morning.

When he went home I felt so tired that I fall asleep immediately.I was back to my hotel where i stay, near Aerocity. I always loved this city, because it’s full of light, good looking gentlemen, romanticism and satisfaction. Every girls dream is to spend a romantic evening with full of passion in this amazing city. I think all Russian Escorts in Aerocity have a great time there…

So when are you coming along?

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