Russian Escorts in Noida

Russian Escorts in Noida

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A Noida escort from Russian Escorts in Noida and the painter

This story is about one of my adventures during my tour in Noida. At the beginning, the plan was to stay there for two weeks, but someone changed my plans. An important client from the second week wanted to meet me a few days after I arrived. He pre-booked me weeks before for a different date, so I had to be very flexible to meet him on the first week. Fortunately, I was available for 4 hours on Sunday evening. He asked me to wear sexy black lingerie, with stockings and red high heels, plus some red accessories. I made everything as he wanted because I like to play with my client’s mind, before I’m playing with them He arrived to my room, but not like an ordinary client with flowers, champagne or chocolate, he arrived with a few painting canvases, paintbrushes and accessories. I asked him what he wanted to do with those and he answered: “I want to

paint , I want to show how beautiful you are, and I want to have a memory, because you are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.

” He was so cute, I thanked for his compliments and was lying on the bed in the position he preferred. I was sure even he is ready to have sex with me…and we did everything all night.

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